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PlantForm Corporation is a Canadian company formed in 2008 to commercialize a plant-based manufacturing platform for low-cost monoclonal antibodies, protein drugs and vaccines for cancer and other critical illnesses.

The company’s technology platform provides several advantages over mammalian cell culture and other fermentation systems used to produce most biologic drugs on the market today: it’s fast, efficient, highly versatile (for new product development) and easily scalable. Best of all, it’s capable of reducing manufacturing costs for life-saving drugs by up to 90 per cent.

PlantForm licenses its technology from the University of Guelph, where it was developed by Dr. J. Christopher Hall, the Canada Research Chair in Recombinant Antibody Technology. Dr. Hall is a PlantForm founder and the company’s Chief Scientific Officer. All relevant intellectual property is protected by patent filings.

PlantForm’s pipeline features both innovator and biosimilar products, including:

  • biosimilar trastuzumab, a plant-produced version of the $6-billion breast cancer drug Herceptin® (animal studies successfully completed, human clinical trials scheduled for 2014, market entry anticipated 2017)
  • biosimilar versions of two additional oncology drugs with combined annual global sales of $11.4 billion (2010)
  • innovator antibodies for HIV/AIDS, funded by the Government of Canada and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation
  • recombinant butyrylcholinesterase (rBuChE), an enzyme used as preventative medicine for people vulnerable to attack by nerve agents, organophosphates or other stimulants ($1.8-million contract with the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

PlantForm is interested in establishing partnerships with other companies to develop additional targeted biosimilar and innovator drugs.

PlantForm’s projected revenue is more than $120 million by 2017. The company has offices in Guelph (headquarters), Toronto and Sarnia.

Our Commitment

PlantForm will produce low-cost biopharmaceuticals in an environmentally and socially responsible manner to improve the quality of life and survival of patients with cancer and other critical illnesses.

Tel: Canada 416.452.7242




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