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SmartSensor Home OGTT Kit for Detection Of Diabetes

15 May 2014

James Jackson, Founder and Director of SmartSensor Telemed spoke to the ManxBioMed Cluster recently about the development of SmartSensors home-use oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), the gold standard and most sensitive test for all forms of diabetes and his plans for the future.

The problem currently, is that OGTT is performed exclusively in clinics or hospitals; because the test requires the patient to fast and attend early in the morning for almost 3 hours, it is inconvenient for patients and difficult and expensive for healthcare providers.

SST's home-use OGTT is based on an easy to use wireless test device that assists the untrained user in performing and recording an OGTT procedure and sending the test data to a database where it is quality checked and then sent to a healthcare professional for proper analysis and interpretation.

In an editorial in June 2013, the leading journal Diabetes Care commented that the test "has the potential to impact long-standing strategies for diabetes screening and diagnosis".

Although SST is hoping to provide global population service as a small company it initially needs to focus on small groups and will therefore provide the technology to two London hospitals to be used with pregnant women and sufferers of cystic fibrosis, where there is a need for early diagnosis of diabetes.

Currently in its development phase, over the coming years SST will up-scale manufacturing to levels needed to go global. The company would like to use that time to undertake controlled tests and the Isle of Man with an ideal population profile of a manageable group size presents a good opportunity.

View or download the presentation by James Jackson

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