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Modernisation of Island's intellectual property legislation

30 October 2013

The Legislation Officer of the Department of Economic Development, is pleased to announce modernisation and changes to Isle of Man intellectual property legislation.

Orders in Council updating the Island’s law on patents, trade marks and registered designs were approved by the UK’s Privy Council and were laid before the UK Parliament earlier this month.

In particular, this means that the “Roche Bolar” exemption now covers the Isle of Man (though I understand that this only has effect if such trials are permitted under the Medicines Act 2003).

The Order in Council will be laid before the November sitting of Tynwald (for the information of members – Orders in Council are not subject to any further approval procedure) along with Orders in Council updating legislation on trade marks and registered designs.

The Order in Council makes changes to bring the supplementary protection certificate regime into line with that in force in the UK. The Isle of Man will be bringing forward an Order and Regulations shortly to ensure that the regime is fully in line with the UK. The Order in Council also provides for the compulsory licensing of patents for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products to countries with health problems, again in line with the UK.

Manx Technology Group