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Manx Biomed Conference 2018

Manx Biomed and Health & Life Science Conference 2018

03 January 2019

The annual Manx Biomed conference took place at the Villa Marina on Thursday 6th December. Fully subscribed the event welcomed over 170 delegates and speakers from both on and off Island.

An exciting speaker agenda included a China Desk panel discussion on potential alliances in health and life sciences, a live debate on investor support for Biomed entrepreneurs and, as a precursor to the forthcoming on-Island public consultation, an open mic debate followed presentations which considered existing world wide regulatory frameworks for medicinal cannabis. The day concluded with fascinating presentations on new biomed business ideas and opportunities and updates from our existing biomed and health and life science companies.

Dave Taggart, Chairman of Manx Biomed and Board Member of the Business Agency said,

“We are extremely pleased with the event this year. We heard from a diverse set of experts, all willing to share ideas and information with each other. This perfectly embodied the central conference theme of collaboration, which is so central to success in the biomed and health and life science sector.

We have seen many successful collaborations between cluster of companies over recent years, and more were discussed at the event. One of the ways we judge the success of the conference is whether new connections were made, and we know at least two new collaborations are in discussion as a result of the event. This kind of quick and deep networking is what the Island does best, and hopefully great things will come of it!”

The newly restructured Department for Enterprise supports Biomed Health & Life Sciences as a Focus Sector for the Business Agency. Sector Manager Mark Gledhill presented an overview of strategy and initiatives that the Business Agency are supporting to help facilitate the continued development of this dynamic and growing cluster. These include partnerships with DHSC to enable further development of Health & Life Science research & development on Island as well as support for the current review of healthcare legislation. Importantly, the Business Agency has outlined commitment to support development of the future science based skills and training needs required by Biomed Cluster members and is working in close partnership with DESC and UCM on a number of initiatives including specialist apprenticeships & degrees, vocational training, work placements and student internships.

A pleasing outcome of this conference was the facilitation of valuable connections between schools and local sector companies and amongst the delegate guests were A Level and Baccalaureate science students from all our Islands schools. Student enthusiasm for topics being discussed was evident from the dynamic Q&A question and answer sessions that took place throughout the day!

If you would like to know more about the biomed and health and life sciences sector please contact

Manx Technology Group