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ProMetic Biosciences

ProMetic Biosciences

Dr Steve Burton, CEO of ProMetic Biosciences Ltd, the Isle of Man and UK based subsidiary of ProMetic Life Sciences, developed the principles behind ProMetic’s protein purification technology as part of his PhD, before it was established as an innovative bioseparations business in 1987. Today ProMetic is a growing international business based in Canada, America and the UK. It comprises three areas of business focus: therapeutic plasma proteins, small-molecule drug discovery and bioseparations.

Steve Burton, ProMetic Biosciences

The Isle of Man and UK-based ProMetic BioSciences Ltd begins with research and development in Cambridge where new purification materials and processes are developed, before transfer to the manufacturing plant in the Isle of Man.

Says Chris Brown, production manager of ProMetic’s Isle of Man site: “One of the original founders of the company was based here, and found that the government is very supportive in helping to develop a high-tech manufacturing industry. Basing ProMetic’s manufacturing in the Island made a lot of sense.”

Mr Brown himself moved here from Kent in 2012 with his family to take up his new post.

ProMetic’s proprietary processes provide for superior extraction and recovery capabilities enabling the industry to address rare diseases and unmet medical needs in the fields of therapeutic plasma proteins, biomanufacturing and the treatment of diseases such as fibrosis, anemia, neutropenia (abnormally low number of white blood cells), cancer, autoimmune disease and certain nephropathies (kidney damage or disease). Due to the nature of the processes, some of the rarest and most valuable proteins can be accessed at unprecedented levels. The recovery of such proteins allows for the generation of orphan drug opportunities targeting rare diseases with greater efficiency.

“At the Isle of Man plant, we manufacture adsorbent materials used for the purification of protein pharmaceuticals. These specialised materials bind proteins very specifically and can be used for product purification or to capture and remove unwanted components, depending on what the customer wants. An increasing proportion of new pharmaceutical products are proteins which require extensive purification to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical regulatory authorities.”

ProMetic’s Isle of Man site is currently expanding into its second industrial unit in Ballasalla, and have big plans for the future. The ProMetic group had a turnover, of Canadian $23 million in 2014, a significant proportion of which came from its manufacturing operations in the Isle of Man.

Mr Brown looks forward to a significant increase in sales over the next five years. “If you want a cost benefit, you have to be prepared to manufacture at scale. While we always specialised in making custom adsorbent products, we are now planning to grow into a ‘one-stop shop’ where the customer will be able to obtain all of their protein purification adsorbents from ProMetic.”


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