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Jurby Wellness

Jurby Wellness

Jurby Wellness helps medical innovation escape out of the laboratory and gain business traction. With an extensive International Expert Panel we save significant time and expense while translating medical breakthroughs into human health benefits.

We have significant experience of ‘hand holding’ sound science through the Ethics Committee process and have helped bring about innovative and compliant trials in diabetes, hearing impairment and fertility. We are based on the Isle of Man, British Isles, and work primarily in the European Union.

Courtenay Heading

Co-Founder: Courtenay Heading, has a decades long passion for wellness and longevity. He previously Co-Founded the ManxBioMed Cluster and was Co-Organiser of three annual Conferences attracting 140 health delegates to the Isle of Man each December. Between 2011 and 2016 he worked for the Isle of Man Department of Economic Development and more recently in The Cabinet Office on Healthcare Innovation. He has been in four start-up teams since 1985 - the most recent of which, Bladon Jets he helped Head Quarter on the Isle of Man in 2008. Courtenay was an initial seed funder of the Company while it has since raised £30 million including investment from Tata of India.

Farid Khan

Co-Founder: Dr Farid Khan, is an award-winning scientist and innovator who has worked in drug discovery at GlaxoSmithKline and obtained his PhD in protein engineering from Cambridge University. Dr Khan is the founder of PharmaKure which develops drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease and has also discovered re-purposed drugs for rare diseases and new antibiotics.

Farid is also a co-founder of the eLucid digital platform which is being utilised by the NHS for medicine adherence to enhance patient behaviours.

Target Areas

Transparent Science: With increased medical transparency the gains can only be good for the patient and payer, in short a win-win for fully Transparent Science.

Restorative Medicine: With the increasing reach of technology, we connect ever further to help in restorative medicine – there are few more important, or enjoyable, goals on which to focus.

Natural Botanicals: Nature is truly amazing, as it is said ‘she does nothing in vain’. In natural botanicals, we have a ‘final frontier’ to explore - we intend to look under that bush, bulb and tree.


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